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What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

PCMH is a care delivery model where the primary care team, along with the patient (and family, when appropriate), are responsible for managing the full spectrum of health care needs. The team also coordinates with clinicians in other settings when care cannot be provided in the primary care setting.


The PCMH model focuses on care coordination, population health, evidence-based guidelines and effective use of Health information technology to meet patients’ needs. PCMH recognition helps our practice put the structure, systems and processes in place to be an effective medical home.

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The PCMH model ensures Royale Pediatric Healthcare:
  • Improves patient-centered access and patient experience.

  • Performs comprehensive health assessments to identify patient needs.

  • Deliver better preventive care such as immunizations and age appropriate developmental and behavioral health screenings

  • Prioritizes comprehensive care management to keep chronic conditions under control.

  • Coordinates with other clinicians involved in patient care and close referral loops to improve continuity and avoid gaps in care

  • Identify patients who require recommended interventions and patients who need medication monitoring.

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